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June 24, 2012


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mlle patty

yum!! nutella pizza sounds fascinating. I also love the little carousel cake at the top - every year I tell friends I want that old school bakery birthday cake but we always end up at some fancier place...will have to buy one for myself next year!
By the way, 53 (me) is no different in some ways from 37 - it still sounds weird, and you still feel far far younger most of the time. Which is good I guess!
Happy belated!


Happy belated birthday, Jennifer! That first cake is amazing, what a great one! Also, your look in the luau party photo is A++ You're such a glamour queen!

I think it may be something about the "7s"... because I'm about to turn 27 and I'm thinking for the first time about how close I am to 30, not that it's bad at all, just so weird!

Oh, and my friend is visiting from Seattle and we are both such lovers of your book, we did a Vintage LA tour last week!

J.B. Taylor

Merci for le b-day wishes. Even though I'm organic/farm-to-table food obsessed, I'll always adore old school bakery cake. That frosting makes me weak every time!

J.B. Taylor

Danielle, So happy you appreciated my crazy luau look. Wish I could still spend that many hrs. a day on make-up and hair : / I'd love to know where you went on your VLA tour! What location was your fave? Did you discover some new stuff not in the book? Do tell!

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