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August 26, 2008


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I have to agree with you whole-heartedly! Today as I whisked myself through J Crew to find beautiful fall basics, all I repeated to myself was "Joan, Joan, Joan." I even told the sales associates that I wanted to have the same effect on the world that she does on me - although I don't believe they had any idea about what I was referring to. That's alright - next time I'll just direct them to your blog and let them see the light!


I'm totally obsessed with this show too. A little bird told me that Mad Men is intended to run for only 5 years. Each year that it runs, the show will take place in a different decade - so next year, look out for the 70's. The final year will bring them up-to-date.

I know - 70's can be so scary. I hope to God they don't go all polyester pants suity. Something tells me that Mad Men will get it right. It'll be Halston and Diane Von Furstenberg and Pierre Cardin. Fingers crossed.

J.B. Taylor

Awesome gossip. Thanks! Can't wait to see the costumes and art direction. I'm already really looking forward to the late '60s . . . I want to see Joan in mod mini's and dollybird eyelashes.

So when they get to the 2000's, will they all be cranky little old yentas? That would be a shocker.

Heather Taylor

I can't get enough of Mad Men, especially foxy Joan. Love, love, love!

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