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June 09, 2008


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i can't wait for this! it looks beautiful. i've been a fan for a long time - thank you.

R. Leverenz

You ARE a rastafarian soul rebel at heart, Jennifer Brandt Taylor.


Fantastic!! Cannot wait to get my copy.

The Look

Well done JB.

Now how do we get our mitts on a signed copy?

In celebration thinking of posting a blog about my five fave vintage LA items acquired over the last three decades (and dating back well before then)...

J.B. Taylor

Get me your info, and i'll ask my PR to send you a copy (or i'll send it myself), since i'm a big lover of The Look ; )

And if you happen to be in L.A. within the next 2 weeks, there will be many vintage shindigs, which I will be posting about later tonight.

Vintage Love and my Lilly Daché hats off to you,

~ J.B.T.


the book looks fabulous! i'm ordering a copy now...hope to see you soon for an autograph.

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