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April 03, 2008


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Amanda Kobritz

OMG! First off, this is the most amazing entry. Second off, that picture of you is unbelievable!!! This is terrible. They can't change It's a Small World. They changed the Submarine ride and trust me, it's terrible. Went on it with your sis and Hodgepodge, WORST!


J.B. Taylor

I know. Sorry to quote No Doubt, but it truly is a Tragic Kingdom now : (

I love your blog too, and the next time I order something from amazon, i've already put "You are What you Eat" in my shopping cart. Hope to see you cats when i'm in L.A. in June!

Social Anxiety Disorder

great images... the first one the best...

all of us miss Walt Disney (father) the same as we are going to miss hug hefner the day of he die...

a big master... hiux kids lover.. amazing character

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the Peter Pan in a human version... if someone ask me Whic death charactetr you would know? my answer is Mr Disney.., he got that vision and that inocence... no one can been comparate with him


nteresting topic and well worth reading. You might want to look at this gal's mosaic tiles she does awesome artwork.


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